Top 5 reasons why your people need writing training


Perception is reality When your customers get a badly written email or letter, they make snap judgments about your business:
Sloppy, bureaucratic writing = a sloppy, bureaucratic company.


Managers' eyes off the ball How long do your managers spend fixing their teams' writing before it goes to senior management or key customers? Ask them. What business-building activities does this keep them from?


Productivity killer The 'CYA' (Cover Your A**) mentality sees everyone copying everyone else on their emails. That's bad in itself, but when those emails are waffly and hard to decipher, the efficiency of your whole company dives.


Winning business Poorly written proposals that bury your main advantages mean that often the best company (yours) is overlooked.


Keeping business Winning new customers costs 6-7 times more than keeping them. Yet companies (like yours?) lose customers daily because of badly written responses to customer requests or complaints.

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