Quick hits: Short webinars & seminars 


Short (60–90 minute) sessions, available as:

  • Public webinars – Perfect for individuals or small groups. See upcoming sessions and dates. 
  • Company webinars – Just for your people. We tailor these to your needs and business; they're great if your team is in a range of locations.
  • Live keynotes and seminars – Ideal for an in-person conference or when you're gathering a large group (25+ people).

Popular sessions

Leadership, influence, persuasion

  • Incognito Influence – Apply the new science of persuasion to your writing at work  
  • Write Like a Boss – Impact, influence and gravitas for leaders
  • Hot Text – The persuasive writing style that builds rapport and wins sales

HR, recruitment, job seekers

  • Standout Recruitment Ads – Writing job ads that land the big ones
  • Get that Job – Copy and layout advice to sharpen your resume

Clear, engaging communication

  • The 10 Commandments of Business Writing – Copywriting principles applied to business writing
  • CPR for Your PPT – Revive your presentations!
  • Board (not 'Bored') Reports – Keys to writing for senior execs
  • Esc Delete – Emails that escape their 'delete' key. How to get opened and actioned 
  • The Polished Professional – Keys to concise, clear, correct business writing  


  • Pitching on Paper – The DNA of winning proposals. We'll show you ours (you show us yours, if you want – we can analyse it during our presentation) 

EAs and PAs

  • Go Write to the Top – Secrets of great PA/Exec Assistant writing 

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Who we help

  • CEOs

    'I want a culture of great communication that propels us forward, not one that holds us back.'

  • HR leaders

    'I want a productive, focused workforce that's as good at communicating as they are at their technical skills.'

  • Managers

    'I want my team to write better drafts for my approval, so I don't waste so much time fixing their work!'

  • Businesspeople

    'I don't want "average" communication skills to hold back my career.'