The Magneto Method: For must-read business writing

Why Magneto?

  1. The Magneto Method: Powerful copywriting psychology applied to business writing.
  2. Yawn-free sessions: Highly engaging, entertaining presentations.
  3. Rich resources: Full-colour, content-rich workbook (100+ pages) – excellent post-course reference tool.
  4. Your class is just the start: Ongoing tips and access to Credosity for Microsoft Word for ongoing feedback 'on the fly'
  5. Flexible training options: Remote (live online), public and in-house sessions available.

Senior decision makers: Try before you buy! Like to sample our training approach and style? Ask about our special 'preview' masterclasses. They're short, sharp, and focused on advanced 'leadership' writing challenges.
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Why our writing training works

Deep experience: Our writing trainers are working copywriters (people who write for a living). There's no business-writing challenge they haven't stared down the barrel of and overcome. And they're passionate about sharing that knowledge.

Multidisciplinary: Quality business writing demands a broad skillset. Our principles stem from a range of fields, including:

  • copywriting
  • advertising
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • emotional intelligence
  • behavioural economics
  • persuasion
  • influence
  • sales
  • marketing 
  • leadership

We don't just teach you where to put an apostrophe – we train you to think holistically, about your reader, objective, strategy and more.

We've taken a potentially snore-worthy topic and flipped it into an entertaining and generous experience. Not a cardigan in sight. You'll learn that great writing is less about writing and more about psychology. And your course has lashings of that, including best-practice educational psychology to keep you engaged and make your learning 'stick.'

Come prepared for a variety of learning strategies, including stories, games (try this one for starters), humour and even gourmet jelly beans

Our policy is simple: If you don't love what we do for you, we'll fix it or it's free. We sweat the small stuff to create an awesome learning experience you'll love. But if it doesn't work for you, no sweat.

Our training is ...

  • Unique.

    Principle-based programs created by copywriters for business communicators.

  • Flexible.

    Suited to all types of business writing: reports, emails, proposals, tenders, marketing, presentations and more.

  • Tailored.

    We tailor every course – to your business needs and participants' skill levels.

  • Measurable.

    We can analyse your writing before and after your course, to quantify your improvement.

  • Useful.

    You'll love our 'power tools' for business communication. Our revved-up trainees often say they can't wait to go back to work to put the learning into action.