In-house writing training

Since 2005, we've trained over 10,000 people, face-to-face, in the Magneto Method.


We're based in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, but run in-house, in-person training sessions all over the Asia-Pacific. (If you're not in Australia or New Zealand, you may like our online sessions.) For your convenience, we normally run courses at your office.


For effectiveness, you just can't beat face-to-face, in-person learning from an engaging, expert writing trainer.


Our in-house programs usually run from 9am to 5pm. We're often booked out well in advance, so please tell us your preferred dates ASAP.


For personal attention, in-house groups are limited to 14 people.


We fully tailor our training to your objectives, attendees and style guide. You can see course outlines here and select from our foundation or advanced programs. As with all our courses, trainees receive detailed feedback and analysis on their writing from our enterprise writing coach, Credosity. For most of our courses, they also receive a 100+ page, full-colour course manual – a valuable post-course reference and study tool.  

Our secret sauce: Tailored writing training

The Magneto Method gives your people the strategies to deliver professional, focused communication, regardless of format, such as reports, emails, tenders, proposals or board papers. Below is the proven process we've developed over 12 years to deliver high-value, rich training experiences that seriously improve people's communication skills.

What we do and how it helps make sure your learning experience is rich and sticky

What we do
How it helps you
1. Online needs-assessment questionnaire
Helps us tailor training to your team’s strengths/weaknesses.
This also gets trainees thinking about their writing well before the course.
2. Business leader questionnaire
Helps us tailor course to your management goals for the training.
3. Analysis of trainee writing samples
Valuable personalised feedback on each trainee’s writing style. This also helps us tailor training to your group.
On the day
 4. Engaging delivery
 Keeps trainees engaged and learning. Includes:
- Frequent stories
- Real-life examples
- Motivation to improve writing
- Lots of humour
- Concepts from fields related to writing, including psychology, emotional intelligence, and
peak performance/flow
5. Relevant case studies
These help trainees apply the learning to
their work.
6. Content-rich reference manual
Comprehensive post-course reference and revision tool; includes checklists and mnemonics to aid recall.

7. Practical exercises to embed
the learning
Brings learning to life; caters to different trainee learning styles.

8. Best-practice examples
Useful to benchmark your writing against.

9. Scheduled revision reminders, online post-course revision quiz, & online game testing knowledge ('Beat the House')
Encourages revision so knowledge/skills are retained long term.
10. Regular writing tips &/or articles
Ongoing reminders of course topics plus fresh ones to keep trainees learning.