'Foundation' writing masterclass >> The critical bits

Get it Write™ will increase your confidence as a writer. It's our foundation course, teaching the essentials of high-quality business writing, including how to write faster and engage readers more.

For: Everyone who writes at work who needs to efficiently create or edit easy-to-read, high-quality documents.

Learning outcomes

  • - Confidence in tackling most business-writing tasks
  • - Able to apply a selection of powerful writing tools
  • - Understand all critical business-writing concepts
  • - Motivated to improve writing performance at work
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Advanced writing masterclass >> The career-changing bits

Write for Influence™ teaches confident business-writers to be more influential and persuasive.

For: Business and communications leaders who need to get action faster, change opinion or strategically sell their ideas and messages.

Note: We strongly recommend you first do our foundation program, 'Get it Write' (above), before stepping up to this advanced program. (There's no point applying advanced techniques to writing that isn't already high quality.)

Learning outcomes

  • - Lead and influence effectively through writing
  • - Use insights into audience psychology to connect with diverse readers
  • - Understand a framework of proven persuasive-writing techniques
  • - Apply a selection of tools for advanced writing challenges
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